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Keya Earth is a sustainable development and training firm focused on meeting the needs of large and small cultural groups. We have developed proprietary technology to localize content for schools, corporate executives, and cultural groups. Research indicates that localized and culturally sensitive training materials are in demand and currently unavailable to those who need them most. We specialize in seminar style training programs in four focus areas. Our expertise includes planning, community development, local investment, and education.

Keya Earth Seminars (4 Focus Area)

Planning & Strategic Facilitation Seminars

    • Community Development: Sustainable Working Communities
    • Strategic Facilitation: 20 Ways to Move Forward 
    • Community Planning: Revising Land Use Management Plans
    • Cyber Education and Neighborhood Networks

Master Planned Communities & Development Seminars

    • Sustainable Community Design: What is Sustainable?
    • Cyber Security for Community Networks
    • Community Planning Workshops: Your town in 2020
    • Community Technology Programs: Computer Training in 60 Minutes

Investment & Venture Finance Seminars

    • Managed Procurement: Simplify Purchasing Now
    • How to Fund large Scale Computer Infrastructure Enhancements
    • Funding Sources Workshop: New Sources in 2010
    • Federal Dollars: How to win Grants and Run Programs

Education and Training Seminars and Programs

    • Community Facilitation Workshops: How to Plan till 2020
    • Sustainable Development Trends: 800 B.C. - 2000
    • Sustainable Communities and Co-Ownership
    • Computer Security: A Cyber Safety Experience 

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